Peer-to-peer Sharing

  1. Pre-requisite for sharing with peers

    1. Both Sender and Receiver need to have same Operating System e.g. Android - Android
    2. Both need to have the same book in their respective account in their apps.
    3. Both need to open their book listing in their apps.
    4. Both need to have their WiFi on.
    5. Minimum requirement
      Android: version Jellybean 4.2 and above
      iOS: iOS 8.0 and above, iPhone 5 and iPad "4th Generation" and above

    • 1. Sender clicks on the button and choose 'Share with a Friend' option.

    • 2. Receiver will then have the option to 'Download from a Friend'. Tap that option to begin sharing process.

    • 3. Popup message will appear and find list of available receiver. Click on the receiver’s device name to initiate sharing process.

    • 4. Receiver should get notification on sharing initiation. Click 'Connect' to start the downloading process.

    • 4. On Sender part, sharing will start and the progress of the sharing is shown. Click 'Cancel' if you want to cancel the sharing process.

    • 5. On Receiver part, they will see the progress of the sharing. Click 'Cancel' to cancel the sharing process.

    • 5. Once the download has been completed, notification will appear. Click 'Ok' to continue.